Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why the PAP government is crumbling - Part 1

Why the PAP government is crumbling

Part 1 - 
Reason: The loss of a support base from established people
  1. Many people with strong credentials, educational backgrounds, passions, support bases, hearts are now criticizing the government itself.
  2. Once, people who you will think are likely to support the elites because they may be considered elites themselves are now turning to criticise the PAP.
  3. Examples of more notable characters that have criticised the PAP government so far:
    1. Cherian George - former SPH journalist, renowned professor of communications: CHERIAN GEORGE - Home
    2. Bertha Henson - former SPH journalist, prolific author Bertha Harian | Daily bites of the news
    3. Tan Jee Say - government scholar, once PPS to the PM, former banker, now investor - Tan Jee Say's Website
    4. Tan Cheng Bok - doctor, former MP - Dr Tan Cheng Bock
    5. Yeoh Lam Keong- Former GIC economist, now Professor in Institute of Policy studies
    6. Tommy Koh - Ambassador of Singapore, curent Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, What Singapore can learn from Europe By Tommy Koh « SG Hard Truth
    7. Leong Sze Hian - Past President of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, an alumnus of Harvard University - Leong Sze Hian » “Clearly focused on improving the lives of lower-income Singaporeans and older folk too”?
    8. Lee Li Lian - graduate of Nanyang Polytechnic and Curtin University, who although without stellar credentials, represents a normal university and polytechnic graduate striving in our society - Lee Li Lian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    9. Vincent Wijeyshinga - Head of Transient Workers Count Too, a social work organisation, and importantly, the son of Eugene Wijeyshinga, one of the most revered ex-headmasters of Raffles Institution - Vincent Wijeysingha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    10. Hazel Poa and Tony Tan - former PSC and SAF scholars, formerly in the Government's Public Service Division and a Major in the arm respectively - Hazel Poa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    11. Nicole Seah - executive in a marketing firm, graduate of NUS, but with 105,544 likes on her facebook page, she remains the 3rd most liked politician on facebook, after LKY and LHL. Why I oppose the White Paper: Nicole Seah

The above is definitely not a comprehensive list.

But it shows that ordinary people and people who were once very likely to have shouted, "PAP is good", are now starting to realise and voice out that the current PAP system is in dire need of change.

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