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National Service NS of Singapore is unsafe and claims more lives than it helps Singaporeans

International observers should note this injustice.

 Especially Human Rights organisations, freedom of speech organisations, and other organisations against forced conscriptions 

Original Article was on:

List of Singapore National Service fatalities due to supposedly serving the nation

It appears that the conscription of Singapore is unsafe and claims more lives than it helps the citizens of Singapore

1968 [Source]
First reported training death in October 1968. In that incident, Recruit Allen Tan Chong Huat, 19, was stung by hornets in the Chua Chu Kang forest. He was rushed to Taman Jurong Camp but there was no doctor on duty there ( military doctors then clocked an 8am to 5pm shift). What’s more, the garrison’s ambulance was out on another call. So Recruit Tan’s officers rushed him to the main road to flag down a passing vehicle. It took an hour to get him to hospital.
1985-1986 [Source]
*RSAF accidents (in which pilots ejected): 1986 TA-4 off Tengah, 1986 Hunter Philippines, 1985 A-4 off Tengah, 1985 A-4 in Philippines
April 1984 [Source]
Three SAF soldiers died over a span of 10 days. Recruit Sim Keat Kee, 19, collapsed after a 2km run. Lieutenant Koh Meah Wan, 23, was killed during an exercise at Sungei Gedong. And Recruit Bak Yow Hock, 17, died at the School of Naval Training.
Jan 1987 [Source]
The SAF’s deadliest accident took place on Jan 24, 1987, when six lives were lost in a helicopter crash. Staff Sergeant Goh Kim Loong, Corporal Ramiya Mohan, Lieutenants Ng Soon Hup, Siow Poh Guan and Wee Tong Leong and Captain Lakbir Singh died after an air force UH-1H Huey crashed 14 nautical miles south-east of Brunei International Airport.
All NS deaths prior to 1997 are largely unreported from the PAP Government, SAF and state-controlled media.
1997 [Source]
2 un-named NSFs were killed when their FH-2000 155mm heavy artillery gun blew up in New Zealand because of a defective Made in China fuze. One NSF was killed in Singapore after an unexploded warhead from a misfired Armbrust light anti-tank weapon picked up by infantrymen blew up. Five others were injured, including a Lieutenant who lost his arm.
2001 [Source]
April 06: Mr Loke Meng (1WO Navy), 49 yrs old, collapsed during 2.4km run, cause of death undisclosed
Oct 29: Mr Kwok Wei Ming (CPL Commandos), collapsed in camp, cause of death undisclosed
2002 [Source]
Feb 25: Mr Tan Kim Keng (Officer cadet OCS), collapsed during Group Navigation Exercise, cause of death undisclosed
May 15: Mr Mohd Shahlan bin Abdul Rahim (LCP Reservist), 32 yrs old, collapsed during IPPT, cause of death undisclosed
Oct 10: Mr Ivan Ho Yong Hua (REC BMTC), 22 yrs old, found unconscious at training ground, cause of death undisclosed
2003 [Source 1Source 2]
Jan 3: Miss Goh Hui Ling (CPL Navy), 22 yrs old, RSS Courageous collision, death: “lodged in between bunks”
Jan 3: Miss Heng Sock Ling (1SG Navy), 24 yrs old, RSS Courageous collision, death: “mutilated bodies washed up in Bintan”
Jan 3: Miss Seah Ai Leng (1SG Navy), 25 yrs old, RSS Courageous collision, death: “mutilated bodies washed up in Bintan”
Jan 3: Miss Chua Bee Lin (2SG Navy), ?, RSS Courageous collision, MIA: “body never found”
July 21: Mr Hu En Huai (2SG Commandos), 19 yrs old, Combat Survival Training, death: asphyxia, forced water treatment by trainers
Sept 03: Mr Rajagopal Thirukumaran (2SG Commandos), 25 yrs old, 5km run during Ranger Selection Test, (Postulated) Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmia
Sept 23: Mr Andrew Chew Heng Huat (REC BMTC), 20 yrs old, IPPT, (Postulated) Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmia
2005 [Source]
June 22: Mr Tek Kok Lian (2WO, ?), 39 yrs old, Routine run, Cardiac Arrest
June 29: Mr Ivan Ong Peng Ghee (3SG BMTC), 19 yrs old, Informal run
July 14: Mr Shiva s/o Mohan (1SG Commandos), 24 yrs old, (Rappelling Instructor Course, fell 20m from heli)
2006 [Source]
Feb 1: Mr Mohd Sufian Jamil (REC BMTC), 18 yrs old, Liver and organ failure after injection of anti-malaria drug Maloprim
June 21: Mr Lionel Lin Shi Guan (LTA Commandos) Training at pool, cause of death undisclosed
Sept 18: Mr Ambrose Yeo Chang Wen (PTE HQ supply and transport), found unconscious, cause of death undisclosed
Nov 17: Mr Tan Boon Toon (2WO Senior Tech, ?, reported sick for chest pain, cause of death undisclosed
2007 [Source 1Source 2Source 3Source 4]
May 11: Mr Fan Yao Jin (PTE storeman), 23 yrs old, Taiwan plane crashed into store
May 11: Mr Isz Sazli Bin Sapari (3SG storeman), 19 yrs old, Taiwan plane crashed into store)
May 28: Mr Calvin Chow Han Min (LCP storeman), 19 yrs old, Taiwan plane crashed into store, died from severe burns
June 15: Mr Quek Meng Chua (Senior DXO, Treadmill), cause of death undisclosed
Aug 26, 7am: Mr Ho Si Qiu (Captain, OCS), collapsed during Safra Sheares Bridge Run and Army Half Marathon
Nov 15: Mr Ricky Liu Jun Hong (CPL, RSAF), 20 yrs old, collapsed during 2.4km run, cause of death undisclosed
2008 [Source 1Source 2]
Feb 02: Mr Tan Yit Guan (MAJ, Logistics), 41 yrs old, collapsed during run, death undisclosed
June 10: Mr Andrew Cheah Wei Siong (REC, BMTC Mild-Obese), collapsed during 2km route march, death undisclosed
June 12: Mr Clifton Lam Jia Hao (Officer Cadet/pilot trainee, Airforce) collapsed during 2km walk, cause of death undisclosed
2009 [Source 1Source 2, Source 3Source 4Source 5]
9.51am 13 March, Mr Lim Kian Hong (2WO, ?), 52 yrs old, collapsed during 2.4km run
9.49am 17 April, Mr P. Jegathesan (MWO, ?) 45 yrs old, collapsed during 3km run
7.24pm 24 April, Mr Poh Eng Ann, (2WO, RSAF), 36 yrs old, found unconscious in a flight crew room at the Paya Lebar Air Base, cause of death undisclosed
20 May, Mr Tan Poh Eng, (1WO, Commando), 53 yrs old, free-fall training accident
15 June, Mr Ang Joo Pin (1SG), 30 yrs old, found motionless in his bunk at a Taiwanese military facility, cause of death undisclosed
3 July, Mr Nicholas Chan Wei Kit (2LTA, Motor Transport), pinned by reversing Land Rover
15 November, Mr Chee Zhi Hao (LTA, RSAF), 21 yrs old, highway road accident in Florida, USA
21 November, Mr Mar Teng Fong (LCP, Navy), 20 yrs old, trapped in between hydraulic door and door frame on a ship RSS Resistance
No deaths reported.
2011 [Source 1Source 2Source 3]
28 January, Mr Eugin Wee Yong Choon (LCP, Signal), hit by truck while unloading stores
11 June, Mr Edi Toh Tze Wah, (MAJ, Air Defense Operations and Commands), collapsed during 2.4km run, cause of death undisclosed
2 August, Mr Ee Chun Sheng, (SCT, SISPEC), 21 yrs old, found unconscious during navigation training at Ama Keng Training Area at Lim Chu Kang, cause of death undisclosed
2012 [Source 1, Source 2Source 3Source 4Source 5Source 6]
9.40am 11 January, Mr Li Hong Yang, (CPL, 62 Combat Service Support Battalion), 28 yrs old, collapsed during IPPT training at Kranji Camp 3, cause of death undisclosed
5.30pm 15 March, Mr Amirul Syahmi Bin Kamal, (PTE, 3rd Battalion Guards), 20 yrs old, found unconscious in a toilet at Bedok Camp, cause of death undisclosed
2.05pm 17 April, Mr Dominique Sarron Lee Rui Feng, (PTE, 3rd Singapore Infantry Regiment), lost unconscious during platoon exercise at Murai Urban Training Facility at Lim Chu Kang
1.56pm 11 May, Mr Tan Mou Sheng (3SG, ?), 20 yrs old, jeep overturned in Marsiling training area
12 August, Mr Muhammad Fahrurrazi Salim, (LCP, ?) 20 yrs old, drowned in a river at Brunei, Temburong training area
11.50am 27 Sep, Mr Tan Tai Seng, (LCP, 63 CSSB) 23 yrs old, hit by a falling tree, Ama Keng training area at Lim Chu Kang

PVT Tan was an NSF back in 2008, serving as an Armorer Technician. Outside of NS duties, he enjoyed blogging but he never thought that his blogging would get him into so much trouble. He shares his story with us. 
In an interview with TRS, PVT Tan shared that he was sent to DB for a charge of 'general disobedience' apparently for a particular blog post he has posted previously. 
The post in question was just a list of reported NSF deaths questioning what NS is really for. 
Meaning, the conscript who compiled this list was sent to the detention barracks. 

International observers should note this injustice.


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