Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 Scenarios that will soon occur in Singapore

One of the following 3 scenarios will occur soon:

Scenario A) Singaporeans become so frustrated that over the next 10 years, most that can leave will leave the country for pastures that they think are better. Singapore will become like a Bali in Indonesia - a party place for foreigners and nothing else. A backwater that strived to become first-world but pissed off its local population so much that only foreigners could thrive

Scenario B) The current PAP CEC, the government of Singapore, will suddenly, miraculously, awaken to their misguided beliefs, and change radically, believing that a caring, compassionate Singapore is much more important than money. Singapore goes back to 1990s prosperity and well-being, with many Singaporeans proud to be Singaporean again.

Scenario C) Singaporeans become increasingly frustrated, they become so angry, that laws are broken openly, violent rebellion occurs, and current PAP leaders are put into courts or violently removed from power. PAP leaders continue being obstinate to the very last end, until they find themselves either having to flee the land or await assassination. 

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