Saturday, November 10, 2012

Why National Service (NS) must be abolished or made voluntary

An example of a past Australian campaign against conscription
The Singapore national service must be made voluntary or abolished based on the following reasons:

 1. It sets Singapore males back economically for 24 months (2 years) in the workforce. 
  • That is equivalent to about 4 twice annual promotion reviews, or 2 annual promotion reviews. 
  • In the private sector, promotion reviews are critical. Citizens from India and China are far more advanced in their careers than Singapore males because of this 2 year disadvantage in the rat-race. 
  • In a global marketplace for work, this is an extreme setback.
 2. The concept of making military service compulsory is against the basic freedom of people.
  • Military service should be voluntary. If I want to fight for my country, I fight because I want to. If you force me to fight, it means I do not like the country and frankly want to immigrate. 
  • If you chain a person to a duty for 24 months and OUTLAW and bring a person to military court for defying his right to choose not to become a soldier, is that not against basic freedoms? 
  • This concept of making military service compulsory HURTS a person's freedom and makes him subject to COMPULSORY service.  
 3. National Service reservist duties set Singapore males back FURTHER in the workforce BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO SERVE FOR 2 WEEKS PER YEAR EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE SERVED THE CONTINUOUS 2 YEARS.
  • This impairs their economic ability. 
  • There are 52 weeks in a year. 2 weeks out of 52 weeks is approximately 4%. 
  • Losing 4% of your time per year to something you are FORCED to do HURTS ECONOMICALLY AND FINANCIALLY. 
4. The perceived threat from Malaysia and Indonesia can be solved with a military force that is made up of those who VOLUNTARILY SIGNED UP, and it is NOT NECESSARY TO FORCE young 18 year old males to be placed in camps for 2 years of their lives. 
  • Their youths dwindle in confined barracks.

5.  National Service and military duties further cause Singapore's fertility rate to decrease. 
  • If you keep a person in military camp for 2 years of his life, the chances are that he starts a family or makes babies is dashed for those 2 years.


  1. Total Defence (or TD) is the name of Singapore's comprehensive defence strategy, adapted from countries like Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria.

    It is based on the understanding that besides military action, aggressors can also defeat the country by wrecking its economic systems, tearing its social fabric apart, targeting Singaporeans' beliefs and commitment to defence, and its ability to recover from disasters, both natural and man-made.

    The Total Defence concept encompasses five key aspects – military, civil, economic, social and psychological defence – and focuses on the need for each Singaporean to play his or her part to defend the nation. These five aspects are very similar to the "4 Defences" of the Austrian "Comprehensive National Defense" (Umfassende Landesverteidigung) strategy of 1975.
    The Five Aspects

    "Military Defence" consists of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), including its citizen soldiers.[1] Their mission is to "enhance Singapore's peace and security through deterrence and diplomacy, and should these fail, to secure a swift and decisive victory over the aggressor". As part of the mission, the SAF strives to maintain a high state of operational readiness 24/7.

    "Civil Defence" is about ensuring Singaporeans know what to do in times of an emergency. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) supports this aspect of Total Defence. However, if Singapore encounters a nation-wide emergency (e.g.: terrorism act or war), the SCDF will not be able to cope with the demands of the situation. Hence, it is crucial to rope in Singaporeans to help their fellow Singaporeans. To facilitate this, the SCDF recruits and trains civil defence volunteers in first aid, rescue and evacuation procedures, and shelter management.

    "Economic Defence" is defined as maintaining the economy of the country and its ability to compete in the world, as well as environmental protection.[1] It also involves helping Singapore (and Singaporeans) stay relevant in the global economy and putting in place economic systems to ensure that the Singapore economy does not collapse in times of crisis.

    "Social Defence" is about keeping the social fabric strong and ensuring that Singaporeans live in harmony regardless of race or religion.[1] This is especially important because Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society.

    "Psychological Defence" is about loyalty, commitment to Singapore, and having the will power and resilience to overcome challenges.[1] This is the component that would determine if Singaporeans will stay to fight or abandon the country when it is in trouble.

  2. Introduced in 1984, the concept of Total Defence (TD) was adapted from the experiences of countries like Switzerland and Sweden. As a young nation with a small population and a conscript armed forces, we needed to draw on the different strengths and abilities of our community to augment our defence capability.

    Conflicts between countries are no longer just military in nature. Potential aggressors and threats can appear in less obvious and non-conventional ways (e.g., destroying social cohesion by exploiting differences in race, language, religion, culture, social or economic class; weakening national resilience by using psychological warfare to play on the people’s fears and apprehensions; or waging economic warfare through economic boycotts, trade sanctions or acts of sabotage to bring down the economy). Total Defence provides the framework for a comprehensive and integrated response to deal with all kinds of threats and challenges. Whether it is a security threat such as global terrorism, or a national crisis like SARS, Total Defence brings together all relevant government agencies, private sector organisations and all Singaporeans in a coordinated effort to deal effectively with these threats and challenges. When Singaporeans take personal responsibility for and get involved in the defence of Singapore, they are playing their part to help keep Singapore safe and secure.

    Total Defence has five aspects - Military Defence, Civil Defence, Economic Defence, Social Defence and Psychological Defence. These five aspects represent the key sectors of society. They also help Singaporeans understand how they can be involved. When we take National Service seriously, volunteer in civil defence exercises, help build a strong economy, strengthen community ties with one another regardless of race and religion, and stay committed to defend the country, we are doing something in every sector of our society to strengthen Singapore's resilience as a nation.

  3. We must be able to defend Singapore ourselves. No one else is responsible for our security and we cannot depend on others to come to our defence.

    Our defence is predicated on deterrence. That is why we invest heavily and consistently in building up a strong defence force to provide that deterrence.

    At the same time, we seek to be friends with as many countries as possible in the region and beyond. By having friends who can help us in our times of need, we enhance our security.

  4. that is exactly what the government told you. Total Defence, deterrence, "no one is responsible for our security, we must defend ourselves", these are ALL the same arguments you have been hearing since you were 6 years old. Cannot you come up with some new arguments that were not told to you by the singapore government?

    1. why the hooha...

      just emigrate overseas...

      want to have children, get your wife to give birth overseas, get another countries' citizenship... no NS, no problem.

  5. Why NS? Hire Mercenaries/Foreign Legion? I'll Not Defend SG.

  6. If should any enemy attack Singapore, I will just open the borders' gates, I will just quickly hang white flag and surrender... Fuck Singapore. If they want to rape my family, relatives and friends, I will gladly be their mama-san and introduce/ exchange. Fuck it.

  7. Childish Remarks!!!!

  8. Why so much noise...?

    You know this will never happen... unless you go rally all the people you know and vote out the PAP in General Elections 2016...

    Only in GE, then you got talk...

    You here kao peh kao bu, got use meh...

    Show the Government what you got with your votes and all the people you know since you are born to vote out the PAP... no matter who the opposition is fighting in your GRC/ SMC, just vote the opposition.

    1. I agreed.

      Ditto this user, 5678.

    2. Really,I'm on nobody's side here,but just to say...

      If Mr. Bad Country decides to bomb lil' Singapore,I can't really imagine seeing the troops singing Singapura while the Sergeant shouts "Mikiri" and orders them to spin on heels and march to the enemy to *funeral theme*. And even worse,the odds of a war even ever taking part is less since Singapore is already good friends with neighboring countries and they are kinda a barrier for it already. On the other hand though,this would teach guys at a rather young age discipline(though it's redundant because school would have most likely taken care of that),and what to do in more likely events like evacuation from a burning flat(eh I'll shut up in case next time it'll be learning to drive a fire engine instead of a tank =w="). Really though,NS is rather redundant. I'd rather they let guys spend the 2 years put in a strict learning and sports environment to already train them mentally and physically lest Mr. Bad Country does strike. It'll at least reduce the suicide rate that NS brings,and just a little f.y.i(for-your-info),if a neighboring country captures you and jails you in physical torment that "pushes your limits",I don't really see you falling in love with them and deciding to be loyal to them unless you have Stockholm Syndrome. Phew,that rant is over,now to prepare for the rage war by people replying to this...


  9. KNN...

    Remember to sell our country's secrets to other countries since we don't like Singapore and NS...

    Fuck the Official Secrets Act...


    1. I am going to do that if Singapore go to war with Indonesia or maybe Malaysia. I will seek out asylum in the United states of America, Japan, Australia, Latin America and Europe. O wait, I already defected to America.....

  10. just protest outside istana/ prime minister office/ mindef hq/ cmpb...

    call all your family and extended relatives...

    call news reporters come to film you protesting...

    government then will give way to you and follow your command...



  12. This may not be the first time most of you hear someone whining about enlisting in the military for 2 years but just hear me out because i have some points to make and i hope some of you can counter them and enlighten me instead of giving me a generic response such as asking me to skip it and get a jail sentence or imigrate overseas ( it is not that easy ladies.)

    You would most likely been told since young that singapore is weak and that any country would be capable of taking it. So lets think about it , why would another country want singapore in the first place? Sure it has value as a trading post for other countries but if it was taken over , would other nation want to come and trade in it when there are other ports available that are cheaper and hasn't been invaded?

    Attacking a small nation like ours would only anger other huge Nation such as USA and the UK and it may escalate into another war which won't be much of a benefit.War only brings proft the weapon manufacturers. Today companies that creates mass supplies of weapons have no competition and they could charge them as high as they could if a war is to start. This is another reason to avoid a war and invading a country like Singapore.

    With the discovery of the nucleur bomb , what is the use of sending out men to do the fighting when an atomic detenator is enough to wipe out this entire city much less a battlelion of troopers.Even if all of the men that enlist in NS were to go to war , we are still probably fucking vulnerable just by looking the world map. We are fucking surrounded and if we lost all of our defense post , the battle is as good as over.There isn't a second chance to retake the land.

    Defending this country for pride and honor is propaganda created by the government to brainwashed us into thinking fighting for the country for glory is what a singaporean is all about. Why risk our life , dreams ,family for some petty dispute a few politicians can't come to an agreement upon?They send the common folk , poor , middle or rich to protect their ego and all it does is destroy the economy , jobs and lives.In this day and age would anyone living in a 1st world country want to repeat mistakes of the past?

    War may be for a good cause , if there is injustice , tyranny and facism it could be worth fighting for but with today history and cultural education plus the invention of the internet , many are coming to see the negatives of war and let not the colour of our skins or beliefs seperate us. If we know that war is less profitable and only bring unhappiness , what is the point of all this bullshit with serving your country and dying for it?

    here is why i think National service is absolutely pointless and if the our life as citizen of this country can live better under the rule of another nation , by all means let them conquer us.

    1. Army in Singapore is pointless unless without the use of high tech missle. Our arm forces is tiger, made of paper just for show and scare enemy at first glance.

      To take down Singapore is just a piece of cake, no sweat; but, again like you said, what for?

    2. Not to mention Singaporean are rather timid, if they are afraid of their own government, do you think they will stand in front of their enemy looking lions ? Fear is easily instilled but respect has to be earned.

  13. But i am still not satisfied on how this justify the government to instill fear onto us of getting a felony should we choose to skip it. Aye it true we are selfish creatures , i can't bear the thought of wasting 2 years of my on life on this miserable planet to serve in the army because i rather use it to work on something i love.

    even though lee kuan yew policy seems more logical it makes my stomach churn that he gets to decide the life for all us of young male adults without giving us a say in it.

    i do not have the leadership ,the time nor the intelligence to convince people to start a riot to change the law ,Most of us are already well adjusted to our way of life to risk getting beat down by a mob of police all for the sake of such a petty disagreement.I should probably just suck it up and do my time like the rest.

    That being said even though if a war is to happen i would not join the fight all for the sake of killing my fellow humans and risking my life.

  14. "The perceived threat from Malaysia and Indonesia can be solved with a military force that is made up of those who VOLUNTARILY SIGNED UP."

    This is a joke. You think Singapore's population is very big? If volunteer, how big will your Army be? 50,000? That is peanuts compared to the countries around us. Size does matter. Remember someone calling us a "little red dot"? Technology has improved but in a war, you still need enough boots on the ground.

    Some may say war will never come to Singapore cos' got US supporting us. Frankly, there is no real friendship between nations. Just self interest. If it does not make economic sense for other countries to step in to fight for us, why would they? Do we have oil in Singapore? Or gold mines? No... so the value of Singapore to our partner countries is only good in peacetime. In wartime, there will be a lot of high level talks (and delays) before anyone comes to our aid. So if we don't defend ourselves, who will?

    Then some say Singapore will be crushed with a single bomb, so no need NS la. So when the day comes, just suck thumb lor. Although it is true that Singapore is that vulnerable cos' we are so small, a very complicated political game will have to take place before any of our potential enemies even press the button. We have the SAF to PREVENT ever reaching that stage. You may not see it but because we have one of the strongest and most advanced militaries in the region, we can stand our ground and not be arm-twisted at the negotiation tables with other countries. If not, when the countries around us insist on meddling with our Singapore politics or economic strategies or even WHO our Prime Minister visits, we can only kowtow and say "Yes Abang", "Sorry Abang, we will not sin again".


    DEAR Sir,
    Your blog post has been noted by the Government of Singapore.
    We will reply to you shortly.

  16. I fully support the abolising of NS. Having left the country since 2008 right after ORD-ing, i appreciate the freedom that should have been a fundamental right to all singaporean males. Reservist? IPPT? couldn't be more free. If I want to exercise, I go. If I want to catch up with my friends, I will. I don't need the government organizing events so I have the opportunity to do both, which are the common justifications for post NS obligations.

    NS turns boys to men? You're kidding me. NS sets guys at least 2 years backwards in terms of personal development. Which part of living a controlled life and being told what to do prepares you for the world out there? Looking at particularly westerners, they leave home when they are 18 and by 21. Their maturity comes from facing the world by stepping out of their comfort zone and interacting directly with the rest of society and the world.

    Blind NS supporters will always use these two reasons to justify their cause: Turning boys to men and that it is necessary for the country's sovereignty.

    The latter is based on rhetorics being constantly replayed based on our past. The traditional model of war is outdated and obsolete in today'e context, yet we are always constantly being told to prepare for a war that would never happen. With globalization happening, modern countries don't go to war over trivial reasons anymore. Mindef should review the current context of conflicts and update their strategies and approaches to them accordingly, and trim out unnecessary wastage of resources at the expense of singaporeans lives.

    Being a singaporean male is such a liability. The SG govt does all these because it knows that sgeans will not do anything about it (also due to conditioning during NS, perhaps another reason for NS is to keep SGeans in check). Yet it opens the floodgates to foreigners who gradually displace sgeans out of the country that they are forced to give up 2 years of their lives defending.

    I don't know how else to describe it anymore other than.. 'Only in Singapore'.

  17. Hi Anonymous,
    I agree fully with your views, and agree fully with: "Blind NS supporters will always use these two reasons to justify their cause: Turning boys to men and that it is necessary for the country's sovereignty. "

    I hope you can also continue the discussion. This is already a topic in some Singapore discussion forums which are in the links. Please continue to discuss there.

    1. Hi Author,

      I strongly disagreed fully with your views.

      I hope you can be voted in parliament to abolish NS, only lawmakers in Parliament have to right to abolish NS. You only can make noise here. But in reality, NS still continue, perhaps even you die, NS is still on in Singapore.

      What can you do?
      Be voted into political office to abolish...

  18. I always think that we should abolished NS.

    Firstly, no country will attack Singapore. War will drain the country resources. For every country, war is the last option not their first. I am sure that even their Own people will kick them out if they were to seek out war, you are sending our children to die needlessly. Furthermore, if any countries were to attack us, UN will come in and force the invaders out of our country. What is the point of fighting a war when ultimately you are going to loose when UN is going to come in and chase you out right? That would be a waste of resources.

    secondly, Should any country invade us, NO PROFESSIONAL army in the world would shoot the civilian. Normally country goes to war is because of its leaders cannot get along. Not because of jealousy or because they want more land.

    Thirdly, Having a Conscript army is as good as having no army. If you force people to fight. It is as good as sending no one to fight. The reason why an country armed forces is Strong is because its people are willing to die and protect it, Not because of they are being forces too. I think the man would throw their weapons in the river and surrender the moment they see the enemy rather than putting up a fight.

    Fourthly, No doubt that we are staying in a very dangerous region where various terrorist are operating in this region. But I don't see why we need so many people to carry arms and defend the country. I think a force of 15,000 would be enough to stop the terrorist we do not need a force of 450,000 people.

    1. I Agree with your replies, Jason.

      That is why we must always strive to change the politics of Singapore. The current politicians are the ones who are muddle headed enough to think that Singapore needs a huge conscripted army who sacrifice 2 years of their lives and have to compete with many foreign men economically.

      We lost economically, what else is there to defend?

  19. For me, I will willing volunteer to fight if only terrorism were to attack Singapore. I do not support country going to war with another country. I always think it is stupid that country go to war.

    1. Yes, I think that military and conscription could be serving the politicians only when countries go to war. In our day and age, terrorism targets innocent civilians, which we can protect.

      Yes, war is stupid and foolish, and a military encourages war.

  20. the author confirm is some pussy that couldn't take hardship.

    1. How about if I take 2 years of your life away, cut your salary by $3,000, and tell you that you cannot take hardship?

      That is what NS does, when we compare ourselves with the huge number of PMET's from India, China, Philippines, Europe and USA who come here to be YOUR boss at YOUR workplace although you are older than them.

  21. ever heard of freeman fight harder than slaves, you can have a millions of slaves force to fight for you but with just a handful of freeman, I still have way more soldiers than any army made out of conscript and slaves.

    1. that is true. This is about motivation.

      Force a man to take away 2.2 years of his own life, and he will not fight like a man who genuinely loves his country for the opportunities it gives him.

  22. All this ns shit is propaganda. Many parents of the current youth have been brainwashed since young by the Govt that NS is a rite of passage and necessary for the defense.. This is simply because in the past it was the PAP that caused Singapore to further its economic development.
    But now, it's contextually irrelevant to employ the conscription policy due to the far reaching effects of globalization, huge amounts of FDI in Singapore. On top of this, it is well known that MINDEF doesn't show much care to NSF soldiers. There are so many cases of NSF dying in training due to negligence of Stupid MOs. in china, if a soldier dies in line of duty, the govt would take care of his parents and siblings till death. What does SAF do when an NSF dies? Throw some money at the family and have the defense minister do some lip service once again. Fk.
    Die for a country that doesn't even care about their own people and have so pro alien policies?
    Wait long long ah..

    1. Totally agree...
      NSMen are treated like dirt

      Foreigners get ALL THE BENEFITS of this great peaceful nation, WITHOUT the need to serve 2.5 years of NS

  23. singapore everything mandatory its so messed up

    Please sign this petition regarding our disconsent towards the situation.

  25. Believing that Singapore is living in a relatively safe times and thus, we should abolish NS is nothing more than being plain naive. Read more international news, see the context of the geopolitical situation around the region, and you will see that the World can still be a dangerous place. Even if there were no immediate threats to Singapore militarily wise, being an already small state, with no respectable military power as backup, we will be at the losing end. As a Singaporean I understand the pain of undergoing NS, and it will definitely be a nice thought to abolish it. But these thoughts will only materialized in a ideal world, but we have to be a realist when it comes to survival issue. This is my two cents worth. Hope I did not offence anyone. Singaporeans shall prosper no matter what!

  26. Ns should be abolish. Here is my reason why, when u are a recruit you'll go to tekong. Tekong is hell n you'll be treated like dirt. When i was at tekong as a recruit i got injured n went to see the Mo there. I told him that i feel pain on my legs, what he told me was just amazing, Its just a normal pain everyone gets it. So i was pissed n when i booked out i went to a specialist n told me i had severe nerve damage n my left foot one of the bone broke n fused. So what I'm telling you is ns should be abolish cause they apparently dont know how to treat us like humans. The sgt n officers are far more worse, always unreasonable, try to prove ur innocence,get charge its a simple as that. So i hope in the near future ns is abolish, cause i never want my son to serve a military which makes a mockery of your pride


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