Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Impending Collapse of the PAP

The collapse of the PAP, the current government of Singapore, is imminent, as seen in this graphic.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Potential Abuse of Power by Authorities and Potential Cover up

Potential Abuse of Power by Authorities and Potential Cover up  

Additional information on the court document:

The mother of the late Dinesh Raman, Mdm Selvi, is suing the government for causing the death of her beloved son.
Dinesh died in Changi Prison on 27 September 2010. According to the mainstream media, Dinesh allegedly kicked an officer in the stomach that fateful morning. It reportedly required 8 prison officers to restrain the slight man as he put up a “fierce struggle lasting about 30 minutes”. Eventually he was subdued. Although he was unresponsive when water was splashed on his face, the officers did not administer any medical treatment nor seek help and they left him in a solitary cell in a prone position i.e. a position in which one lies flat with the chest down and back up. An ensuing criminal investigation determined that the cause of death was “positional asphyxia”.
Dinesh was actually due for release on 11 December 2010, barely 3 months away.
In July this year, just one prison officer – senior prison officer, Deputy Superintendent Lim Kwo Yin – was charged with “committing a negligent act not amounting to culpable homicide that caused the death of Dinesh Raman”. Lim pleaded guilty and got a slap on the wrist, a fine of $10,000. 4 days later on 23 July, the Coroner discontinued an inquiry into Dinesh’s death, citing “the conclusion of criminal proceedings” and explaining that to continue the inquiry would be a “drain on resources”.
Subsequently, on 21 August, Mdm Selvi filed a High Court application to force the Coroner to re-open the inquiry. She wants the High Court to declare that, under Section 39 of the Coroners Act, the Coroner has to continue an inquiry unless a finding has been made by a trial judge as to the cause and circumstances of death of someone who has died in lawful custody. In other words, she wants the High Court to clarify Section 39 of the Coroners Act once and for all.
After going through the police investigation reports of her son’s death with her lawyer M Ravi, Mdm Selvi has decided to sue the government too.
In her writ of summons [Link], Mdm Selvi disclosed her understanding of what had happened to her son Dinesh before he died:
On 27 September 2010, the following officers of the Prison Service were on duty at Changi Prison Complex, Institution A4:
  1. Deputy Superintendent of Prison Lim Kwo Yin Darius (“DSP Darius”);
  2. Deputy Superintendent of Prison Harry Yap Hong Hock (“DSP Harry”);
  3. Assistant Superintendent of Prison Teo Chong Lian Dylan (“ASP Dylan”);
  4. Chief Warden Daljit Singh S/O Gurbachan Singh (“CW Daljit”);
  5. Chief Warden Rozairudin Bin Zaini (“CW Rozairudin”);
  6. Sergeant Yen Chia Hsien (“Sgt Yen”);
  7. Sergeant Tan Heng Chye Marcus (“Sgt Marcus”);
  8. Sergeant Lee Fangwei Jonathan (“Sgt Jonathan”);
  9. Corporal Anand Pereira (“Cpl Anand”); and
  10. Corporal Robby Bin Sulaiman (“Cpl Robby”)
On that day, sometime between 7.30 am and 7.45 am, Sgt Yen commenced his morning shift duties at Changi Prison Complex, Institution A4. While in the course of carrying out his duties, Sgt Yen arrived at cell number 555 and saw Dinesh. Sgt Yen then uttered the words “Dinesh, long time never see you. Now you come back, you become a suicidal watch”.
These words were heard by Dinesh and was misunderstood by Dinesh to mean that Sgt Yen was partial against him. Dinesh asked Sgt Yen a question, the gist of which was, “Sir, you got something against me is it?” Dinesh then turned away from Sgt Yen and, as he turned away, he gestured his middle finger at Sgt Yen and uttered a vulgarity. Sgt Yen verbally reported the Incident to DSP Darius. However, no written report was lodged.
Despite the fact that Dinesh was not allowed to go to the outdoor yard, he was deliberately let out at about 9.45 am. Because of the earlier incident, as Dinesh was returning from the outdoor yard to his cell at about 10.45 am, he was accosted by Sgt Jonathan and then tackled by Sgt Yen onto the ground.
While on the ground, Sgt Yen restrained Dinesh. At this juncture, CW Daljit approached Dinesh (who was still on the ground and restrained by Sgt Yen) and attempted to lock Dinesh’s arms. DSP Darius also approached Dinesh and he restrained Dinesh’s lower limbs. Sgt Jonathan deployed the Oleoresin Capsicum Delivery System (“OCDS”) and applied the same onto Dinesh’s face. Sgt Jonathan then placed both his knees against the sides of Dinesh’s head and applied pressure. Consequently, Dinesh was unable to breathe. At the same time, Dinesh was also weakened by the OCDS. His eyes became red and there was mucus coming out from his nose. All these physical symptoms were ignored. He was then handcuffed to his back and placed in a prone position.
Subsequently, Cpl Robby, Cpl Anand and CW Rozairudin also approached Dinesh. Together with Sgt Yen and CW Daljit, they restrained and controlled Dinesh’s body and his movement including through the use of joint-locks to cause Dinesh to suffer pain. They were then directed to lead Dinesh to the outdoor yard. After a few steps, Dinesh was put into a prone position again on the ground. Dinesh was then lifted up and brought to the outdoor yard. Dinesh was profusely apologizing and begging for leniency from the officers but his pleas were ignored.
When Dinesh was brought to the outdoor yard, DSP Harry and DSP Darius were also there. Dinesh continued to be restrained and made to suffer pain from joint-locks applied by CW Daljit, Sgt Yen, Sgt Jonathan, Cpl Robby, Cpl Anand and/or CW Rozairudin. Dinesh was then drooling from his mouth. Again, this physical symptom was ignored. Dinesh was brought to stand in front of two rows of inmates and then instructed to continuously shout (each time louder than the previous) using vulgar language in Hokkien - directed at a notorious gang.
Subsequently, Dinesh was brought from the outdoor yard to a common area known as “Sally Port”. At “Sally Port”, Dinesh was again put in a prone position on the ground. While on the ground, Dinesh continued to be restrained and made to suffer pain from joint-locks applied by CW Daljit, Sgt Yen, Sgt Jonathan, Cpl Robby, Cpl Anand and/or CW Rozairudin.
Dinesh was then lifted up from the ground and led to Stair Core 3 (which is a staircase landing) for relocation to the Disciplinary Housing Unit (“DHU”). ASP Dylan was also at Stair Core 3. Dinesh continued to be restrained by CW Daljit, Sgt Yen, Sgt Jonathan, Cpl Robby, Cpl Anand and/or CW Rozairudin. Dinesh was walking unsteadily and perspiring profusely. Again, these physical symptoms were ignored.
On level 2 of Stair Core 3, Dinesh was put onto the ground again. At this juncture, Dinesh had become physically very weak. Again, this physical symptom was ignored.
Dinesh was then lifted up again and led into cell number 1 in the DHU. Sgt Marcus opened the door to DHU Cell Number 1. Inside DHU Cell Number 1, Dinesh was again put onto the floor in a prone position. While on the ground, Dinesh continued to be restrained and made to suffer pain from joint-locks applied by CW Daljit, Sgt Yen, Sgt Jonathan, Cpl Robby, Cpl Anand and/or CW Rozairudin. ASP Dylan and DSP Darius also arrived in DHU Cell Number 1.
In DHU Cell Number 1, while on the ground in the prone position that he was put in, Dinesh was moaning softly. His eyes were closed and motionless. Again, these physical symptoms were ignored. At the same time, Dinesh continued to be restrained and made to suffer pain from joint-locks applied by CW Daljit, Sgt Yen, Sgt Jonathan, Cpl Robby, Cpl Anand and/or CW Rozairudin.
While in DHU Cell Number 1, one of the officers then poured water on Dinesh’s face but there was no response from him. More water was poured onto Dinesh’s face. However, there was still no response from Dinesh. DSP Darius then gave instructions to all the officers in DHU Cell Number 1 to leave the cell, leaving Dinesh unattended.
Subsequently, DSP Darius returned to DHU Cell Number 1 and was unable to detect any pulse on Dinesh. Dinesh had died.
Mdm Selvi believes that the prison officers had abused their positions of authority and assaulted Dinesh while he was in their custody. Further, the officers ignored the injuries suffered by Dinesh while continuing to assault him. Consequently, Dinesh sustained injuries severe enough to kill him.
Besides claiming damages from the government, Mdm Selvi is filing the writ so that she can tell the public what she believes happened to her son.
In a media release yesterday (11 Sep), Mr Ravi said, “Our clients want the government to admit liability based on our version of the facts and not the government’s version (of Dinesh’s death).”
“Our clients are also seeking aggravated damages in addition to the general damages because the actions by the officers were not merely a negligent act but deliberate and intentional. This is diametrically opposed to the government’s position.”

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Why the PAP government is crumbling - Part 1

Why the PAP government is crumbling

Part 1 - 
Reason: The loss of a support base from established people
  1. Many people with strong credentials, educational backgrounds, passions, support bases, hearts are now criticizing the government itself.
  2. Once, people who you will think are likely to support the elites because they may be considered elites themselves are now turning to criticise the PAP.
  3. Examples of more notable characters that have criticised the PAP government so far:
    1. Cherian George - former SPH journalist, renowned professor of communications: CHERIAN GEORGE - Home
    2. Bertha Henson - former SPH journalist, prolific author Bertha Harian | Daily bites of the news
    3. Tan Jee Say - government scholar, once PPS to the PM, former banker, now investor - Tan Jee Say's Website
    4. Tan Cheng Bok - doctor, former MP - Dr Tan Cheng Bock
    5. Yeoh Lam Keong- Former GIC economist, now Professor in Institute of Policy studies
    6. Tommy Koh - Ambassador of Singapore, curent Ambassador-At-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, What Singapore can learn from Europe By Tommy Koh « SG Hard Truth
    7. Leong Sze Hian - Past President of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, an alumnus of Harvard University - Leong Sze Hian » “Clearly focused on improving the lives of lower-income Singaporeans and older folk too”?
    8. Lee Li Lian - graduate of Nanyang Polytechnic and Curtin University, who although without stellar credentials, represents a normal university and polytechnic graduate striving in our society - Lee Li Lian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    9. Vincent Wijeyshinga - Head of Transient Workers Count Too, a social work organisation, and importantly, the son of Eugene Wijeyshinga, one of the most revered ex-headmasters of Raffles Institution - Vincent Wijeysingha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    10. Hazel Poa and Tony Tan - former PSC and SAF scholars, formerly in the Government's Public Service Division and a Major in the arm respectively - Hazel Poa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    11. Nicole Seah - executive in a marketing firm, graduate of NUS, but with 105,544 likes on her facebook page, she remains the 3rd most liked politician on facebook, after LKY and LHL. Why I oppose the White Paper: Nicole Seah

The above is definitely not a comprehensive list.

But it shows that ordinary people and people who were once very likely to have shouted, "PAP is good", are now starting to realise and voice out that the current PAP system is in dire need of change.